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Which Services Are Requested From Private Investigator Switzerland?

Updated: May 30, 2022

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Private Investigator Switzerland has many requests daily, in a week we have more than 600 service requests. We would take time to present some of them, maybe you will better understand our services and solutions. All data regarding location and names are edited, but the text is true from our clients. “Wife is frequently going out. Trying to find out who she’s with. I need proof to move on from her.” “I am looking to find photos and information on people I spoke with in the past using snap chat. I don't have much information just their Snapchat code.”

“My daughter's mom is trying to take me to court for my child and I need any negative information I know she does drugs I know she sells her pills.”

“I am worried about personal safety because of dating via App. Looking for information on a person via the phone number, email, license plate, and RV description. Possibly have some photos. Likely a scam and looking for information to find out who this person really is. Worried about safety and not feeling I might not be getting truthful info.”

“My boyfriend has been caught cheating through his phone. And I want to know if he’s actually being unfaithful physically. If there is ever a female staying over or if he’s meeting up to cheat. What females he has come over, or goes to see“

“My son has been looking for an investigator to get his 6 yrs old son back. He has raised him since birth. The birth mom came with a drug dealer boyfriend and somehow the court gave her the baby because she is the mom. She lives in Geneva but is trying to take the baby to the state of Zürich and as per the baby she is abusive to him and he has the bruises to back up his stories. She was on parole for drugs when the baby was given. We just want the baby back home with the family where he belongs and is safe. Can someone help my grandson and son? Please more inf will be given to the one who truly can help save Peter.”

“My ex is keeping my daughter from me. Using her to try to control me. She drinks and drives with the kids in the car. She has made several false reports to the police. Trying to have me on supervised visits in her home. I just need proof of the shady things she does”

“I have lost USD 1.5 Mill. in Bitcoin transactions fraud, please help me.”

“Our company manager has stolen CHF 12 Mill. Could you help our Executive Board to bring the case to the Court”?

“I need Asset Location ASAP”

“I had a falling out with a Former co-worker and suspect they could be cyberstalking me or trying to drag my name. I could be wrong but want to get peace of mind.”

“I have applied for many jobs in my chemistry field. I have not gotten any job offers in the last two years of unemployment. I want to explore that there are lies false or half-truths about me on the internet.”

“My car was stolen, I have about 200k worth of assets including my car. Please help.”

“I am in a long-distance relationship and trying to find out if he lives with someone or is involved with someone”

“Trying to find out about my wife's immigration status”

“I believe I am being defrauded by my family. Please help me.”

“I would like to see if my husband is having an affair.”

“I need to find out who is living at a rental property.”

“I just want to know who exactly I’m talking to on WhatsApp and social media. If they are telling me the truth and not scamming me.”

“For over 2 years individuals have been stalking me and my wife. My old phone was hacked over and over again. Individuals are outside our place. Things miss. I am not sure if my spouse is a part of it.”

“I will hire you to find my lost love, I know the last address”

“My ex and his sister are getting in my online accounts. My security cameras deleting everything I need a way to find out all the times they are logging in and changing my passwords and getting into them. Is that you can help with”

“My girlfriend cheats at work and I would like to catch her in the act also away from home”

“I would like to obtain photographs, call logs, whereabouts, texts; for a possible cheating affair.”

“I would like to find my half-sister I have not seen her for over 30 years.”

“Need to see if there is a certain person that is with my niece”

“I want to make sure that my relationship is solid.”

“Recently my friend found out that her husband was with another woman. But she needs concrete proof.”

“I have possible unwanted videos or imposters of me on the internet. Possible cameras

in the house. Can you help?”

“I'm looking to investigate a person that is starting criminal problems with my girlfriend.”

“I want to know if my husband is cheating”

“I need to get the identity of two people so that I may file a civil lawsuit.”

“I had my cellular phone, work computer hacked, and a few other concerns. I am not sure why the person that hacked me is coming across as if he has obsessions' with me, because I am continuously finding things with him still around.”

“My friend's mom is stealing his disability money and using it for herself. She said if he took it away from her she will take away his car and make him homeless. Please help.”

“Investigate a Facebook forex trader to see if he is legitimate or a scammer”

“There are some negative articles on Wikipedia about me, please find who wrote them.”

“She started having an affair in October. She left and took the kids on Dec 1st. She works at UBS Bank. She took the kids don't know where they are and she pulled them out of school. I want their location staying while she's at work and after she gets off and an infidelity verification. There is no custody agreement or restraining orders in place.”

“Can you wait for my Spouse at Airport Zürich and see who she meets?”

“I am very wealthy and want to know if he is the right one or if he wants my money. Is that something you might help?”

“I am looking for my dad somewhere in Switzerland. Can you help?”

“Hi, I would like to explore what you can do for me, as I'm still in contact with fraudsters find how and what additional information you need to assist “

“I have received a document from the Canton of Zurich and am looking to check if the document is genuine. Is this something you can help with?”

“I have Surety Bonds from Switzerland and am looking to check if the document is genuine. Is this something you can help with?”

“Hi - can someone give me a call. I am looking to find a Swiss address if possible. Thanks.”

“Parental child abduction. Need assistance. I have a name phone number and email but no address to serve court orders”

“I need a price check for surveillance on a doctor in Zurich for 5 days and 7 days.

The doctor is having affair with a patient who is married and I need photos of his activities and schedule.”

What would be your case? What would be your Question to our Investigators and Detectives? We are here for you.

Private Investigator Switzerland

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