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FAQ - Private Investigator Switzerland

1. Do you operate across the whole country?
Private Investigator Switzerland is operating in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If there is an investigative operation need we are operating globally, depending on the project nature and Project Risk Assessment.  Projects such as Asset Tracing and Recovery, Skip Tracing and Business Control and Check will be done without Project Risk Assessment as they do not involve the Ground operations. 

2. Do you have NDA, and will my personal privacy be jeopardized?
Private Investigator Switzerland, if required, will offer you a Confidentiality NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement.  We fully understand the need for our services to remain undetected and hold the confidentiality of all our clients as the highest priority at all times.

3. What experience and qualifications do your investigators have?
Our Investigators come from a wide variety of legal, security, financial and technical backgrounds. This enables Private Investigator Switzerland to adopt a flexible and down to earth approach to delivering you fast, accurate and meaningful results.

4. Are there any restrictions on using your services?
We will only accept investigation requests from clients aged 18 and over. We will not undertake any cases where surveillance activity is required on subjects aged under 18. The most important question is: Why should we investigate the desired information for you? According to Swiss legislation and the rules of professional conduct of the detective profession, it is significant to note that there must be a legitimate interest in searches and observations, because personal investigations are always an encroachment on the personal rights of the target person.

5. Are you a licensed investigator firm with GSTC?
Private Investigator Switzerland - Swiss Security Solutions LLC is registered at the Trading Registry and has a police license of the State Security Department.  We have our GSTC which will be sent to you with Agreement. 

6. How can I pay, and what are my payment options?
You can pay services of Private Detective Agency with Credit Card, PayPal or wire transfer to our corporate bank account. Payment of Retainer is 100% Down Payment or 50% Down Payment and 50% with Letter of Bank Guarantee. We are unable to provide Pro bono work as we incur significant costs throughout any investigation. We are not government funded and our firm does not offer litigation funding, therefore, it is necessary for our clients to fund their investigations.

7. How long does the investigation take?
For most of our investigations, we would allow up to 15 business working days. Depending on the urgency of the case, we can work with our clients to achieve the best results within the timeframe required. If further work is requested outside the agreed scope of work, please allow additional time.

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