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Surveillance Services - Observation Solutions

Global and Switzerland Surveillance Services are our Premier Swiss Quality Services for our international and home clients.

We are providing global and Swiss Surveillance Services.  We are providing Covert Versus Overt Surveillance, Stationary Surveillance, Auto Surveillance, Foot Surveillance and Drone Surveillance (if allowed by the Law). 

Surveillance is an integral part of the investigative process. It is the visual monitoring of a location or individual to determine what conduct or activities are occurring. The visual monitoring is accompanied by a log, a diary-type record of what is occurring within the surveillance picture. The log provides a documented chronology of what was observed. The objectives of the Surveillance may be detecting the commission of a crime or a serious policy violation, gathering intelligence, preventing a crime, or all these objectives. 

We can ensure that even in rural areas or difficult local conditions, an observation goes unnoticed. Our written reports are admissible in court and are signed for accuracy by the detectives involved. 

We are always just a phone call or E-Mail/text message away. Our Management has a collective 65 years of industry experience and will suggest a plan and solution for you today! 


Our standard prices for the Surveillance Services is between CHF 75.- and CHF 115.- per Hour per Investigator (Agent), mileage per Km CHF 0.90. For longer observations (from 2 days) we also offer flat rates between CHF 60.- per Hour and CHF 99.- per Hour per Investigator (Agent). In principle, we charge a minimum assignment time of four consecutive hours at an hourly rate per investigator (Agent) and a one-time assignment fee of CHF 70.- This one-time assignment fee covers staff scheduling, service order planning and file keeping and archiving in accordance with legal requirements. The case related expenses can be discussed upon the Agreement about basic price is made (e.g. Restaurant costs, Transportation ticket etc.). The Surveillance can be implemented with one Investigator (Agent) or two Investigators (Agents). Surveillance with two investigators is more professional and delivers more and better results. Depending on the case, the Client will have interactive services possibility - live pictures and videos by messenger to phone or by email. We do accept bank transfer, credit cards and PayPal. 

Surveillance Service orders are payable in advance, after placing the order and before the start of the assignment. The Swiss Business clients are excluded from this rule (Art. 7. General Standard Terms and Conditions). 

Depending on the case, in the event of success, the costs incurred can be recovered from the target person if necessary. 

To schedule, a free consultation with our Global & Swiss office on any type of investigation or case please fill out the contact form on the Webpage Contact Us.

The free consultation means that we will sit down with you, hear about your issue/problem, and give you some initial thoughts about it with the contract proposal at no charge or obligation to you. We will willingly sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before receiving any project-related information from you.


We are EU GDPR and Swiss FADP compliant private investigator office.

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