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 Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery  
Private Investigators & Detectives 
from Zürich - Switzerland 

Your peace of mind at an affordable price.

220 years of know-how and 85+ years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience.
We are globally operating and we are authorized by the security department of state.
We were on the cases worth more than USD 45 billion collectively.
We are licensed, discreet, experienced and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance)






Swiss Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery Services

Asset tracking and debt recovery is a complicated procedure that always calls for a timely response and a business plan that minimizes the negative financial and legal repercussions. To guarantee that assets are protected and realized, it is essential to get private investigator office - detective agency early on and to move quickly and promptly. Any delay in carrying out such an investigation would probably enhance the likelihood that assets will be hidden, frequently in multiple foreign jurisdictions, making recovery that much more challenging.

Our asset tracing specialists at Private Investigator Switzerland are qualified and experienced to help both private individuals and businesses with debt collection. We consult with established networks of experts from a variety of fields, such as forensic accountants, insolvency practitioners, and regulatory agencies, and we can provide you with advice on the viability of your claim as well as the best business remedies that are open to you.

For our domestic and international clients, Global and Switzerland Asset Tracing is our Premier Swiss Quality Service. For Dormant Assets and Bank Accounts, Unclaimed Assets and Bank Accounts, Hidden Assets and Bank Accounts, and Debtor Assets and Bank Accounts, we provide international investigation and intelligence services.Long before a court judgment is obtained, we can give you a clear picture of how deep an adversary’s pockets are, helping you make sound business decisions throughout disputes. And even earlier in business relationships, we can help you test — rather than blindly rely on — other parties’ representations about their financial condition. We pay particular attention to highly convertible assets – not only cash, but commodities in transit, real estate, accounts receivable and inventories. 



Even while recovering an overdue bill from an international client may seem like an impossible task, it need not be the end of the game, especially if you entrust the debt to a skilled debt collection service. The debt recovery team at Private Investigator Switzerland offers a specialized solution catered to your unique requirements. Our lawyers have a lot of expertise locating cross-border assets as part of international debt collection. We can help you decide on the merits and commercial feasibility of your case as well as the most effective manner of recovery by giving you advice on pertinent legal issues.


We have a good understanding of the different legislation and rules in overseas territories, and we will ensure that procedures are followed correctly and with the greatest chance of achieving a positive outcome. Our team will develop a commercial recovery plan that is most suitable to your unique set of circumstances in order to increase the likelihood of success for our customers. We deal with all aspects of the legal process, from advising about recovery options and pre-action correspondence to issuing proceedings through to enforcement.

We frequently offer advice on:

  • Pre-legal collection methods: lettering, telephone debt collection, and trace and collect.

  • Legal recovery methods such as court cases, mediation services, enforcement, bargaining, and advocacy.

  • Payment agreements: frequent instalment evaluations, pursuing defaults, and instalment monitoring.

  • Insolvency action: bankruptcy, winding up, guidance on debtor's petitions, individual voluntary agreements (IVAs), company voluntary agreements (CVAs), and post-insolvency trustee coordination.

  • Guidance on general debt collection: compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims, process review, and credit control and management advice.

There are many reasons why you or your business might need to recover assets. Perhaps a supplier owes you money or has gone into insolvency, there’s been a corporate theft or fraud, or you’re seeking a fair appraisal of a partner’s assets in a divorce. In these cases and more, forensic accountants can help you trace and recover assets that are rightfully yours as part of a financial investigation. Before you can recover assets, first you must locate them. We locate things like bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate, land, businesses, vehicles, and more. Our asset researchers have over 85+ years of experience. Over the years, they have been up-to-date with all the changes regarding the monitoring of bank funds and much more. We also subscribe to databases that are only available to licensed private investigators and law enforcement detectives.

Private Investigator Switzerland brings a global team of collaborative and responsive multidisciplinary experts who work seamlessly with clients in various countries around the globe. Our presence around the world, global network of contacts, flexible approach, and understanding of the broader strategies which can be brought into play enable us to provide bespoke support to our clients.

Our asset tracing team draws on the depth of knowledge throughout the whole spectrum of legal services provided by Private Investigator Switzerland, including:

  • Banking and Finance

  • Corporate

  • Commercial

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Insolvency

  • Property

  • Trusts

  • Private client


Private Investigator Switzerland’s group covers the full range of asset tracing and recovery services, including pre-legal debt collection, litigation and insolvency action.

Our services include:

  • Domestic and international asset tracing

  • Dormant & Unclaimed Assets and Bank Accounts Tracing

  • Debtor Assets Tracing or Skip Tracing

  • Funding and debt acquisition

Work undertaken includes:

  • Commercial and consumer contracts

  • Invoice debt

  • High Court and County Court proceedings

  • Winding up and bankruptcy

  • Enforcement of charging orders by orders for sale

  • Freezing orders

  • Cross-border registration and enforcement of judgments

  • Director’s duties / disqualification proceedings

  • Reputational management (including cases with a high level of press interest)

  • Tracing claims

Cross-Border Debt Recovery

      Asset Tracing 


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