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The role of a private investigator in criminal defense cases

Updated: May 30, 2022

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This example summarizes the role of the private investigator in criminal defense situations. The bullets are private investigators, and the gun is a criminal defense attorney. Defense counsel cannot properly represent this client without the data of a private investigator (bullets).

He can only pull the trigger on an unloaded pistol. When I worked for the Queens County Attorney's Office, I used to think that if a police officer arrested someone, he was almost certainly guilty. Having worked on criminal cases with numerous defense attorneys, I now have a more balanced perspective.


This country's commitment to the presumption of innocence in criminal trials illustrates the value of the freedom attributed to it. Regardless of the public's antipathy to the accused or personal contempt for the act charged or the character of the accused, criminal defense investigators must be prepared to assist in the defense of the accused.

A private investigator never distorts or deceives the court about important facts. It is vital

to understand that a defense investigator has the same attorney-client privilege as a defense attorney in a case to maintain client confidentiality. This convenience should never be abused.


The purpose of the investigator is to show reasonable doubt in order for the accused to be acquitted of the charges against him or her. First, the private investigator will consult with a lawyer to ensure that the precise criminal charges and related statutes are fully understood. Police records, images, documents, messages, witnesses, statements, social networks, and witness statements relevant to the case will be examined by a private investigator in search

of inconsistencies from one witness to another.

All investigative information provided to the court by the police administration must be verified and confirmed by the defense investigator. The defense investigator will then interview all witnesses, assessing and validating all physical, verbal, video, and other evidence that the prosecution will use to find any gaps or holes.

At this point, the private detective will try to get new information by examining the region in question. At this point, a private investigator will try to obtain new information by researching the region in question in order to find new witnesses or gather new evidence. If the defense counsel deems it necessary, the investigator will collect all this information and prepare to testify.


Prosecution detectives are searching the area for incriminating evidence to convict the accused. The defense team should conduct the investigation in the same way as the prosecution.

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