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Rising Online and Offline Fraud Cases - Need for Private Investigations

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Rising Online and Offline Fraud Cases - Private Investigator - Detective Agency - Switzerland
Rising Online and Offline Fraud Cases

Zürich, 15th March 2021 - Swiss Security Solutions aka Private Investigator Switzerland - We can genuinely agree that the world has since time immemorial experienced immense technological innovations which have changed the business and social aspects. You have probably noticed that the business world is becoming more and more reliant on technological transformations as commercial processes and transactions are now primarily technologically propelled. The internet revolution, which resulted from the IT breakthroughs, is now becoming the backbone of the business revolution; the commercialization of the universal web has witnessed great growth and development in internet-related transactions, which have caused numerous new opportunities.

Your business could be among the many which have ventured into these online opportunities to offer efficient and effective services to your clients while also enjoying the benefit of having the upper hand against your competitors. This part of online business is commonly termed economic commerce(E-commerce). E-commerce is dramatically increasing and developing new opportunities for entrepreneurs; however, it simultaneously establishes new opportunities for malicious activities such as fraudulent practices.

Criminals have tirelessly attempted, in tremendous ways, to make use of these new platforms to practice online fraud against both buyers and sellers. Popular cyber-related criminal practices such as phishing and online fraud are now penetrating the market through counterfeit and fraudulent documents and false identities, an outcome of rapidly increased reliance on online transactions. E-commerce thus brings prospective problems for online users, both for business and personal use. The ever-extending links helped by the internet are also witnessed to attract the chances of a considerable amount of losses via online fraud, which might be a primary risk and threat to electronic commerce. Did you know that online fraud is actually twenty times more than offline fraud; it is described as a big and greatly increasing pandemic that has spread through many online practices, including e-marketing, online auctions, electronic banking, and many more.

With all these being said and done, are you a business person doing business in Switzerland or connecting with any business here in Switzerland? Chances are, you have benefited immensely from the advantages online platforms have offered you and your business, connecting you to the rest of the world in the comfort of your home or office. Besides, you might have experienced all or one of the above malpractices caused by online criminals who are highly motivated to rip everything they never broke a sweat for. If you can relate to either of these problems, you need a reliable, trusted, and experienced security company with the best tools and solutions to curb these horrendous activities; Swiss Security Solutions aka Private Investigator Switzerland is perfect for you.

We have carefully witnessed and analyzed rising cases of online fraud, especially during this coronavirus pandemic; investors, companies, and the whole public have fallen victim to these online fraudsters. We have received overwhelming demand for our incomparable fraudster investigations, and with every unique case, Swiss Security Solutions aka Private Investigator Switzerland has offered superior corporate investigations against online fraud which is cyber-related and cyber-enabled (CEO-fraud, fraudulent contract, ghost invoice). With two centuries of know-how and more than seven decades of both intelligence and management experience, we are certified by the security department of the country. We are also internationally recognized for our high level of discreetness and superior services.

Furthermore, we offer customized investigative and intelligent solutions, tools, services, and systems to secure, save, serve and care for you, your business, and your community, thus ensuring you as our client feel generally safe. At Swiss Security Solutions, we strongly believe that our security services are unique and quite unlike any other security industry. Additionally, we believe being efficient requires professionalism, skills, expertise, and commitment to providing the best humanly possible protection for people, assets, data, and property. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, consultation, and inquiries about our fraud investigations and many other services.

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