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How does the Private Investigator Switzerland team help in the event of a divorce?

Updated: May 30, 2022

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Our team Private Investigator Switzerland has been involved in divorce cases for several reasons. Divorce is often a contentious experience in which formerly intimate spouses are now adversaries. With this dynamic, spouses may start to hide information or take part in activities that may threaten the well-being of the family.

Evidence of adultery or misconduct

We investigate whether a spouse commits adultery or other marital misconduct both in Switzerland and globally. Marital misconduct is sometimes relevant to proceedings involving spousal support in states where maintenance is prohibited if the conduct of one party has led to the dissolution of the marriage. In addition, marital behavior can also help provide more favorable conditions for the spouse under the marriage contract. Our private investigators can also investigate situations in which a spouse is abused. Such evidence may help the spouse seek a restraining order which may also be grounds for pre-divorce relief, including custody, child support, spousal support, and court fees, in some cases.

Asset Search

Before the divorce process begins or is even in progress, the spouse may attempt to illegally conceal property to protect it from divorce proceedings. This happens when one of the spouses made most of the financial decisions and left the other in the "dark" on these issues regarding the scope of the marriage. This can also happen in situations where one spouse precedes the divorce process by trying to consume the marital property. The location of the property is also part of the investigation.

Individuals try to hide their property in several cunning ways. For example, by paying out alleged loans to friends and families who are actually holding funds for a spouse until the divorce. Selling the property at a discount, in the same way, as returning it after the divorce hearing. Also, the transfer of funds to accounts abroad or personal property in hidden storage spaces.

Our team of private investigators often browses various databases to try to find such assets. We often have to search the submissions of the SEC and the Secretary of State to determine if there is personal or business property that is not disclosed. We also search for documents provided by clients to find fees or transactions that help point to hidden assets. Family law attorneys can use this information to formally request documents during divorce proceedings to give their clients a fair share. Some state laws allow courts to assign the full value of property to an innocent spouse when such fraud is used to conceal property.

Support information

When one of the spouses knows that they will probably ask him to support himself, he or she can try to reduce their earnings. He or she can team up with the boss to defer bonuses and other employment privileges until the divorce. He or she may temporarily shorten hours to reduce earnings. If the spouse owns the business, he or she can take steps to reduce the value of the business, such as taking on additional debts or delaying the collection of debts owed to the business. Another strategy that a cunning spouse can try is to reduce office hours and then work "out of the book" for the same or another employer. On the other hand, a spouse receiving financial support may engage in similar insidious behavior. For example, he or she may be living with a romantic partner and may not report this information for fear of losing such support. Our team of private investigators can help detect these schemes by analyzing financial documentation or conducting surveillance.

Child custody

Child custody cases are no joke. In fact, these can be very stressful and sad situations for everyone, including the child or the children involved. Our team of private investigators can also help you reach a quick and honest solution. If the spouse is concerned about the activities that take place while the child is visiting the other parent, the private investigator may be asked to check this issue. He or she can conduct surveillance to determine if it is a drug or alcohol. Similarly, he may be asked to determine whether a child has been abused. Simply put, our private investigator can act as a link between one parent and another in the child's life, like a teacher and a neighbor.

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