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Global and Switzerland Skip Tracing Services

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Global and Switzerland Skip Tracing Services

Zürich, 24.3.2021 - Global and Switzerland Skip Tracing Services and Solutions.

What happens when a person completely goes missing? If that person is a debtor, a wanted suspect, or simply a family member who’s somehow disappeared, or abandoned real estate, it’s imperative to locate his or her whereabouts as quickly as possible. Locating requires a specific set of skills, skills that are developed over a long career and many years of experience. A typical skip tracing process contains three primary phases. Whether you want to confirm the credibility of an individual or business or try to trace a missing defaulter, the best practice is to break down your search into the following steps.

The first step is to take the information from the subject. The subject often gives this information at the beginning of the deal. Using this information, you establish the essential identity of the subject. Next is to verify the information collected in the first step and ensure that you are looking for the right party. Having the necessary data, you can proceed to find detailed information about the subject from different databases and resources and find your person of interest. Information from phone number databases, automobile records, GPS data, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), web searches, loan applications, job applications, property documents, public record databases, bank records, etc. can be used to locate the person of interest. Most of these databases and information sets are available electronically and can be assessed using data mining services.

We are providing the following customized global and Swiss Skip Tracing services:

- Debtor Tracing Services,

- Locating Lost Persons Services,

- Locating Family Members,

- Locating Witnesses of the Crime,

- Locating Defendants,

- Locating the Land or House owner,

- Debt Collection Location

- Divorce Litigation Location

- Missing Person Location

- Real Estate Location

The skip tracing process involves careful database investigation and scouring a wide range of resources, and may call upon any of the following information:

-Phone number databases

-Credit card applications

-Credit reports

-Criminal background checks

-Job applications

-Loan applications

-Utility bills

-Public tax records

-Air travel records

Information about the individuals is the most vital resource to control and prevent fraud for the businesses

It’s worth taking some time for comparing professional investigation and Do It Yourself searches.

You may wonder whether a skip tracing service is really necessary, or if you can simply conduct the search on your own. There are certainly some instances in which a Private Investigator Switzerland investigation can yield results—but more often than not, locating a missing person requires more than just conducting some web searches. Social engineering—the art of calling on individuals who may have information on the subject—can be a necessity. Also, effective skip tracing may require you to analyze large amounts of data, something that can require a professional level of experience.

Finally, note that skip tracing can only be done within certain legal parameters; without sound legal reasoning, a skip trace investigation can fall into “invasion of privacy” territory. This is another critical reason to use a private investigator to skip trace and locate service; a seasoned professional can help you stay within those legal guidelines.

Global and Switzerland Skip Tracing Services are our Premier Swiss Quality Services for our international and home clients. We understand your frustration and anguish if you can not find the person of interest. Our division of Skip Tracing uses the latest technology, databases, and tracing skills to locate people and company information.

Private Investigator Switzerland provides investigative services in Switzerland and also operates internationally for particular services and support. Private Investigator Switzerland employs highly skilled investigators in Switzerland and globally. Our main corporate office is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Private Investigator Switzerland

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