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Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery with Private Investigator Switzerland

Updated: May 30, 2022

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Private Investigator Switzerland specializes in helping clients identify, trace, and recover assets around the globe. When it comes to asset recovery, it isn’t a judgment collection. While a part of it revolves around it, a good private investigator knows that if your case is based on enforcing a judgment, then those assets are more than likely long gone.

Who are we?

Our excellent reputation in this field is based on a considerable track record acquired through numerous mandates. We build on this by relying much more on electronic investigation and analysis tools to keep pace with the predominantly electronically generated evidence and the increasing complexity of embezzlement cases. Our asset tracing team is experienced in working with legal professionals to locate, identify and freeze stolen assets. Further, we are skilled at tracing the path of a transaction from origin to completion.

How can we help?

Our asset recovery experts can help clients recover assets through civil remedies and can be designated by the court as the receiver for the preservation and management of recovered assets. The majority of mandates in this area involve multiple countries, which requires in-depth knowledge of foreign legal systems. As one of the world's largest networks in the field of forensics, we are able to draw on our international presence in asset tracing and recovery, which allows us to secure stolen assets in offshore accounts before the criminal actors even suspect that they are being traced.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, we use advanced techniques that combine accounting-based investigation methods with business intelligence and forensic technology.

A successful private investigator will have an inquiring mind, cultural sensitivity, flexibility, resilience, adaptability, and a lot of patience. While you may see patience as a virtue in other areas of life, asset recovery can be a slow process. If you’re looking to hire a private investigator to help with your asset recovery investigations case, then acceptance of a possible slow timeline is a possibility. While your private investigator may work as fast as they can, there can be many legal procedures a private investigator may have watched play out before they can move forward. We take a creative approach to what constitutes an asset and broaden the definition well beyond real estate and company ownership to include escrow accounts, accounts receivables, payments of duties and royalties, investments, artwork, joint ventures, and related business entities. Decades of experience and current knowledge of the legal mechanisms in dozens of jurisdictions position us strongly to arm our clients with a unique and robust asset recovery strategy. Through systematic analysis of a wide range of data repositories around the globe, coupled with strategically targeted inquiries with diligently identified sources with relevant knowledge, we develop intelligence on the location, size, and background of the available pool of assets. The end product is a map, detailing each identified asset per jurisdiction, its estimated value, and relevant intelligence on the pros and cons of seizure.

Asset recovery involves specialized knowledge along with the simultaneous application of common and civil litigation tactics, investigative principles, forensic accounting techniques, insolvency options, forfeiture schemes, and a mindset steeped in strategy and know-how. Our asset tracing pursuits run the gamut: from funds shielded through complex corporate structures, to embezzled assets of former heads of state, to millions or billions misappropriated by schemers.

Why hire a private investigator for your property return investigation?

Fraudsters and other fraudsters are low on the ethical scale. They will often use tactics to bring a person down to their level or will use their skills to tarnish your reputation as part of their defense. Swiss private investigators have impeccable ethics and expertise to overcome these acts of corruption. While your team of lawyers may be attacked for the legal process itself, a private investigator will work in secret. As a team of private investigators, we work with or without any court sanction. That is why we must constantly adhere to higher standards. This helps to avoid the need to repel attacks from investigators.

What are the most common causes and challenges of the return of property?

The most common cases that a private investigator can deal with are usually the representation of victims of fraud or those who serve the interests of the victim on a collective basis. These cases may include: • Companies • Financial institutions • Individuals or governments • Office carriers • Liquidators • Trustees and recipients

Part of the challenge of these cases is that many fraudsters and fraudsters will use lawyers, bankers, and even accountants to help them carry out their illegal activities. Another challenge is the legal system itself. It can be challenging to get the information you need, which can also increase the time it takes for your case to recover any property. Private Investigator Switzerland will always think outside the box and with a little creativity. We use expert forensic tools and have accounting experts if needed to help find the data and information necessary for your case. The goal is to surprise fraudsters and deprive them of their resources. Stopping a fraudster from committing fraud or deception is vital to the case. Lawyers and even the court system use private investigators in their help to recover property instead of using the traditional approach of confiscation based on criminal proceedings.

We support our clients throughout the entire process of monitoring and repossession of property: from determining the total scope and location of the entities' assets to and including the seizure of those assets after the initiation of legal proceedings.

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