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Cryptocurrency Fraud and Investigation Private Investigator Switzerland

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

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The rising popularity of cryptocurrency speculation comes with increased risks for investors. Complaints of investment fraud and price manipulation in digital currency markets have risen sharply. Like traditional money, cryptocurrencies allow you to buy goods and services or trade them for profit. And, like hard cash, the cryptocurrency market is targeted by criminals. In fact, the equivalent of a million pounds is stolen from a cryptocurrency holding company every year. Cryptocurrency fraud is a very serious crime. In addition to the financial losses that victims suffer, there can be a lot of emotional trouble and loss of privacy. In many cases, these types of crimes occur due to the negligence of companies and other organizations that hold the personal data of victims. This can make living with influence especially frustrating and disturbing. If you have been the victim of cryptocurrency fraud due to security breaches of the organization that held your personal data, you have the right to claim damages.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has a blunt message for investors in mutual funds that have holdings in Bitcoin futures: Beware of the risks. While the derivatives have become increasingly popular, they’re still based on an asset that’s “highly speculative” and volatile, and which trades in a lightly regulated market, the SEC’s division of investment management said Tuesday in a statement. Investors should weigh their appetite for risk and examine the fund’s disclosures, the agency said.

“Investor protection and assessing the ongoing compliance of these funds is a top priority for the staff,” the SEC said. The warning comes just weeks after Gary Gensler, who taught classes on digital assets at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, took over as SEC chairman. His early comments have thrown cold water on speculation that the SEC would quickly approve a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund. Last week, he told lawmakers that the cryptocurrency market “could benefit from greater investor protection.

Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency, skyrocketed in value in 2017, increasing from around $1000 to a peak of nearly $20,000. Speculators were drawn into the market with an expectation of similar returns before a precipitous sell-off eliminated more than half of Bitcoin’s market value by early 2018. Bitcoin’s crash exposed the risks but did not extinguish investor enthusiasm. There are hundreds of competing digital currencies – known as ‘altcoins’ – including Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Zcash, and SiaCoin. Profit-seekers have begun funding crypto coin ‘mining’ operations where data centers used to facilitate transactions are compensated with the creation of new coins.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are genuine innovations with the potential for a positive impact on financial markets. But they are also buzzwords that have been badly abused and exploited to promote fraudulent schemes, including investment fraud and illegal market manipulation. The cryptocurrency market is a frontline in the fight against financial crime.

Private Investigator Switzerland conducts cryptocurrency fraud investigations for investors, corporations, and law firms. Our investigators are experienced in exposing financial cybercrimes and international fraud schemes. By combining digital forensics with traditional investigative techniques – and our experience fighting online crime and investment fraud – we deliver clear results in the most complex and challenging cases. At Swiss Private Investigator, we have decades of combined experience in helping victims of cryptocurrency fraud to seek redress. We can do this for your financial losses, emotional distress, and loss of privacy. We understand that filing a claim for cryptocurrency fraud can be stressful, especially as you face the emotional impact of being the victim of the crime. That is why we make sure that you always know what is happening with your case and remove the jargon from the procedure so that things are as simple and stress-free as possible.

Where we believe you have a case to seek compensation, we may be able to act for you without winning and without compensation, eliminating any financial risk to the claim process. Do you think that you are entitled to compensation for cryptocurrency fraud? Use our simple and secure online request form to share details about your situation, and we'll get back to you shortly and let you know if we can help you.

Please note that we do not provide blockchain analysis as a standalone service, and generally do not conduct cryptocurrency tracing for theft, breaches, or hacking of digital wallets. Successful analysis to de-anonymize accounts may require subpoenas and similar legal mechanisms in foreign jurisdictions, and the cost of such efforts can outweigh the benefits, depending on the complexity of the crime and the technical sophistication of the perpetrators.

We are highly selective in our commitments and engagements, and only accept cryptocurrency fraud investigations where our skills, resources, and experience can be best utilized to secure a positive outcome for our clients.


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