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How private investigators can help during the coronavirus?!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

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With the spread of the coronavirus-caused pandemic, the whole world has been reorganized, jobs that are considered relevant to be done in a company, today are done from home if possible. This restriction of work mainly affects both trademark professionals and private investigators who are often hired to assist in enforcement activities. For many brand owners who rely on private investigators in the hope of helping investigate or track violations of the law, enforcement is severely affected. However, not all is lost, and some private investigator operations continue despite restrictions on movement. An increase in counterfeiting is predicted; brand owners are invited to now gather evidence. Gathering evidence is currently crucial. Although some members have refused to take to the streets (because there could be problems, like vulnerable people living in their household), many investigators still work but agree on mailboxes, not personal service.

Operations against counterfeiting, cybercrime, partner fraud investigations, insurance company fraud investigations, corporate investigations, and other trademark violations are successful during the current coronavirus emergency.

On top of all that, the private investigator Switzerland "surveillance service continues", "By definition, close contact is usually not recommended anyway, although there is less crowding where it can hide. Testing at the door is naturally more difficult. For this reason, a lot of work is done by phone and email. When it comes to buying IP tests, with fewer stores/markets open, this has dropped dramatically. However, online sales are at a high level and investigative firms are being sought that can make purchases using robust identities that are subject to verification of evidence. "

While many companies are still looking for private investigators, we urge brand owners to ensure they hire “reputable and long-standing” investigative companies. Our company has 200 years of knowledge and 65 years of combined experience in intelligence research and management. We operate globally and are authorized by the state security department. We have been in cases worth more than $ 3 billion. We are licensed, discreet, experienced, and insured up to CHF 10 million per case and client (corporate liability insurance).

A Private Investigator Switzerland specializes in investigating investments, identity theft, financial report fraud, misappropriation of property, fraud with romance, money processing, misappropriation of company property, theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, and health care, insurance, and banking. Our services and solutions also include background checks, missing persons, infidelity and cheating spouses, prenuptial agreements, online brand fraud, banking fraud, corporate intelligence, communications interception, phone and laptop surveillance, vehicle tracking, surveillance, and surveillance, forensic services, and digital forensics services.

The job of trademark owners is currently difficult enough, with no prospect of strong growth in counterfeit goods in the future. But with enough foresight, preparation, evidence gathering, and, in some cases, the assistance of private investigators, the challenges ahead are not insurmountable.

There is no state investigative body in private and civil law. For that reason, the investigation service of a private investigator from Switzerland operates within the legal possibilities. Gathering information can clarify facts and lead to legal disputes, or it can shed light on a crime or personal problems. We have the appropriate expertise and, of course, the necessary legal understanding for this sensitive area of ​​trust. We will perform an appropriate risk assessment for ethical risks, personal risks, operational risks, and collateral intrusion risks, and where the risks are significant, appropriate risk mitigation measures will be taken.

We provide a large number of customized investigative and intelligence services and solutions, see our website:

We are not always just by phone call or email/text message. Our management collectively has 65 years of industrial experience and today we will propose a plan and solution for you!

Private Investigator Switzerland

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